It’s Fall and Saturday in Bologna

Shelley left for home on Friday morning at 4:00 a.m. There was a national transportation strike here in Italy “scheduled” for Friday. We were concerned that the taxis would be very busy so she left a bit early for her flight. She is home safe and sound and wrapped up in the busy activities of her house and home. Her family is happy to have her home.

I went back to class on Friday morning to find myself in a review day. Oh my, lots to take in on one day. Indefinite adjectives and pronouns (some, few, a little, a lot) and double object pronouns, also known as pronomi combinati (i.e., I gave him it). I knew my Saturday (and Sunday) in Bologna would include some studying.

The morning sun rose over a beautiful Bologna morning. I had my coffee this morning looking over this view from the apartment.

I started my Saturday by enjoying fall in Giardino Margarita.

The park has both evergreens and deciduous trees
A beautifully clear morning for a horse ride in the park.
Early morning, no fountains this early but the mist is shrouding the pond in mystery. No signs of turtles this early in the day.

After studying I took a walk to the city center to see what was happening. I gave myself the mission of finding a jigsaw puzzle to do in the evenings.

We live in a quiet neighborhood that is a 15 minutes walk to Piazza Maggiore.

What happens on a beautiful fall day in the city center in Bologna? On Saturdays and Sundays the city closes off the two main streets (Via Ugo Bassi and Via Independenzia) through this part of town as a pedestrian area. Ten minutes into my walk before I reached the center, I could begin to feel the buzz from the middle of the city center.

People strolling down the center of a street that was filled with traffic the day before.
Another “pedestrian street”
A “street” artist showing her skill. Note the box by her foot for “donations”.
Some people still choose the porticos over “street walking”. The men standing here are all waiting for whoever is with them shopping in the store. Nice, patient men and dog.
People eating in the street. Bars and restaurants move their tables and chairs into the street on Saturdays and Sundays.
People visit churches. Some churches only open to the public on the weekends. This is San Pietro, Cattedrale Metropolitana.
Inside San Pietro are these life size terra cotta sculptures.
People visit and eat under ancient archways.
Those who don’t want to take the hike up to San Luca take the little San Luca Train from Piazza Maggiore.
There is always something happening in Piazza Maggiore. Note the booths on the far side. They are the headquarters for a major photography conference/show happening in the city.
Of course, there are people enjoying the people watching in Piazza Maggiore.
Tourists and locals alike crowd the ancient narrow market streets for food, wine and pure enjoyment.
And after all of the city excitement I did find a jigsaw puzzle in a toy store that looked very small but had a surprisingly large basement area. Lucky me. Surprisingly, there were quite a few children and parents in the store buying Halloween costumes which has become more and more popular here.

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