Day 7, 8, 9, Trapani & Erice

October 10-12, 2019

On the morning of Thusday, October 10, I had a taxi take me to the Palermo airport to rent a car. The remainder of my transportation within Sicilia would be by car.

My next city to visit was Trapani and a day trip to Erice. The port city of Trapani is an ancient city. The first naval base was established by the Carthaginians in 260 BC. Like Palermo, it had a host of invaders that contributed to its culture. Here is a good link for history:

The Germans were using the port of Trapani as a resupply point for the German forces in north Africa. As a result, Trapani was heavily bombed by the allies in WW2. While the bombings were justified it was so very sad so much history was lost.

This is a monument to the history lost in WW2.

So why visit Trapani? The seafood is fresh and the best I have tasted, the wine from Erice is fantastic, great pizzas, and it is a major port for the ferries that serve the nearby islands. There are some nice beach resorts too. Trapani was a relaxing escape from the high energy of Palermo. Trapani also has some very distinguished baroque churches.

Here is a map link to Trapani:

The trees along the promenade reminded me of home. The shade was very welcome.
My little shoebox of a room. At least I had a micro balcony to hang and dry my laundry.
Church of the Immaculate Conception
These churches are works of art. Fyi – signs are posted that for men and women shorts and tank tops are prohibited inside the church. For me it was tough wearing long pants given the temperature was about 80 with high humidity.
Cathedral of San Lorenzo

The villiage of Erice sits on a mountain top. Sometimes it is in the clouds. You can drive to it, but it is much easier to take the cable car.

Viewing the north coast of Trapani and Erice is shouded in clouds. If you zoom in you can see the cable car system going up the mountain side.
Riding the cable car up to Erice.
One of the original Erice City gates.
Note the Arabian architecture on the church.
A Michelin rated restaurant in Erice. The prices are not that bad.
Erice street art.
This is the ancient symbol for Sicilia. It is so old no one can conclusively say what it means. For some reason it has the head of Medusa. The three legs means no matter how you throw it, it lands on its feet. (A reference to the number of invasions Sicilia has endured?)

The photo above shows how high Erice is above the coast. It was about 10 degrees cooler and NO HUMIDITY! This was a relief from the heat and humidity of Trapani. There where quite a few B&Bs and small hotels in Erice that looked nice.

Of course there is a castle!
See that nimrod on the left on the railing.
Looking north.

I’m now back in Trapani exploring the docks…

The fish in Trapani was very fresh in the markets. It smelled good and made me hungry.

Fresh calamari & couscous, sweet sauce, fried calamari, and crisp, cold prosecco! I have never had calamari this tender, almost sweet like lobster.
Ok. One more church and then on to the next city!

This church was locked up and I couldn’t see inside. It was time for me to wander back to my room with my full belly of calamari and prosecco and pack my bags for the next city.

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