Arezzo, a lovely not too touristy town

It’s fall here in Italy as it is at home. These vines are growing along the wall on the back exit to our apartment building. They turned to these beautiful fall colors while Shelley and I were off in Firenze and Arezzo.

Fall colors in Bologna

Shelley and I spent 2 nights in Arezzo after our 4 nights in Firenze. Arezzo is a city in eastern Tuscany. It is about 50 miles SE of Florence with a population of about 100,000. It was one of the Etruscan capitals and believed to have been one of the 12 most important Etruscan cities. There are interesting remains including part of the walls. Arezzo was conquered by the Romans in 311 BC and became an important military station on the road by which Rome expanded into the Po basin.

Red pin marks the location of Arezzo.

On the day we arrived we had a wonderful 2 hour walking tour by our guide, Sara, of Very Tuscany Tours. Great way to learn the history of the city, find a great apertivo location and a wonderful restaurant, Antica Fonte. Wonderful food and fabulous service with reasonable prices. Shelley had the “the best veal I have ever tasted” while I had a wonderful medallion of pork wrapped in pancetta.

Shelley’s best veal.
Wonderful pork medallions.

Arezzo has a wonderful main piazza that is reminiscent of Sienna’s but smaller and with more charm. Our guide Sara said that even though it is the main piazza it is not the most popular as it is not on the main street used today.

Arezzo’s main piazza
A view to show the incline of the piazza.
This baptistry stands out on the corner of the piazza
Look closely to see that the top of each column is different.

All in all Arezzo was a lovely town to visit. Each evening we sat in the outdoor covered section of a local bar, had a glass (or 2) of wine, some great food (yeah aperitivo!) and people watched for at least an hour. The weather was perfect for our 2 day visit. I’d gladly return for a week just to do this over again for 5-7 nights running!

Twice a year, Arezzo holds the Saracen Joust for which the city is famous.  See the link below for a video on the big event.

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