Wild Life In Bologna

Who would think one would wake up on the 8th and top floor of an apartment building to find a bit of wildlife “hanging out” with you?

Hanging Ten

This little guy hung out on one of the bedroom doors for the morning one day last week.

The Good Life

I have seen this kitty lounging around in the same courtyard of Le Sette Chiese (The Seven Churches) each time I have been there this year and last year. He isn’t bothered by the people and does enjoy the tummy rubs.

Last year he was sleeping in a large flower pot enjoying the sun.

Dogs are abundant here in Bologna and all of Italy, especially the short-leg variety. Too many to photograph but each time I see one I smile. This one looked so much like our DeeDee it was uncanny. She was one of the 5 dogs at the farm where I took the cooking class.

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