Cooking in Firenze

The class was put on by Chefactory, a cooking academy in Florence. Interesting mix of people, one couple from Austrailia, one from New Jersey (who initially said New York because they didn’t think anyone would know where New Jersy was), another from Monterey and a couple from North Carolina. Chef Walter was in charge.

Dee and I arrived in Firenze on the 11:40 a.m. train from Bologna. After checking into the apartment and doing a walk-about of the Duomo piazza we took off for via Cavour and our 4:30 appointment for a Tuscan Cooking Class and Dinner.

Chef Walter

First up on the menu was Vegetable Millefoglie. Basically roasted zucchni, eggplant, tomatoes and parmesan, served plated with fresh mozzarella and basil leaves. Yummmmmy.

Garnish and service with fresh olive oil and basil.

Next up was potato gnocchi with two types of sauce. The 1st sauce was a rocket (aka baby arugula) pesto including parmesan, walnuts, olive oil, S & P to taste. Making the gnocchi was fun and a group effort. Rolling out the gnocchi by hand similar to making pici pasta. Roll into a long finger sized tube and then cut into consistent sizes.

Gnocchi with rocket pesto (oh my!)

The 2nd sauce was “sugo all’agliona”. Tomato sauce made by quartering whole tomatoes (remove the stem end), cooking with slightly golden garlic, white wine and olive oil. Cook until thickened and press through a sieve. Add basil, S&P to taste.

Gnocchi con sugo all’agliona. Good but the pesto was great!
Dee doing her share of the work.

Next up on the menu was Chicken alla Modenese. This dish consisted of chicken, red onions, red peppers, balsamic vinegar, sage, olive oil.

Cook on stove stop after lightly browning the chicken. Cover and cook. Don’t stir too soon!
Whoops, we ate before taking the photo….
Don’t forget the wine.

Last was a traditional Florentine cake, Schiacciatta Fiorentina. Not my favorite. Basically an unleavened orange cake. No photo as it didn’t strike my fancy.

All in all a nice way to kick off Dee’s Firenze adventure.

One thought on “Cooking in Firenze

  • Love the food photos and descriptions! Just makes my mouth water reading your comments!!! Glad you’re having so much fun; great experiences.


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