There is garbage, and then there is garbage….

Every place has its garbage story (yes indeed it does although most places won’t admit it). Here in Bologna one gets up close and personal with the garbage as it all (and I do mean all) is a personal responsibility to manage.

There are 5 types of garbage to manage. Organic, which goes in the white compostable bag. Paper, which goes in the blue bag. Plastic, which goes in the yellow bag. Glass and metal, which doesn’t go in a bag at all. Everything else (indifferenziata) goes in whatever bag you have.

Paper and plastic are put out on the sidewalk in their bags on a specific day of the week (ours is Wednesday after 7 p.m. but everyone does it earlier than that). Glass and metal are dropped individually into the neighborhood dumpsters as needed; the same with organics. Our containers are about 2 half blocks from the front gate to the apartment building. Easy to do on the way to class. The indifferenziata goes out as needed, out the back gate onto the main street that circles the city into a communal dumpster.

This is garbage management in the historic center of the city. It likely is a bit different in the sububan areas. But, I don’t think I’ll journey out there just to learn more about suburban garbage management in Bologna.

I will save you from a photo of the garbage bins but rest assured if Eric were here he would dutifully take a photo of each to duly advise you of their existence!

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