A few pics of Academya Lingue

The school is a brisk 20 minute walk or a saunter of 30 minutes from the apartment. After a week I am beginning to recognize familiar faces on the way each morning. Here are a few pics about the location and interior of the school which is located inside of a grand palazzo.

The school is located about a 5 minute walk from Piazza Maggiore, the main piazza of Bologna. Locate the #5 on the map; the school is just to the top side of the red circle of the #5 on via Santo Stefano.

Map of the center of the centro storico da Bologna
Looking from the front of the school toward one of the main intersections
The entrance into the palazzo where the school is located
The open area in the center of the palazzo. My class is through the open door on the right
Up the grand staircase (scala)…

you will find the office and other classrooms
My classroom last week and this week
A different classroom
Andrea, head of the school; and yes he always seems to be smiling like this!

This week 2 students left (Great Britain and Finland) my class but we gained 3 new students in our class alone (Austrailia, Singapore & Holland). At pranzo (lunch) I met several other students who were newbies as well (New Mexico, Germany, Austria, Tokyo to name a few). People attend for many reasons; many for love of the language and country such as myself, some for work, some as part of erasmus https://www.topuniversities.com/student-info/studying-abroad/europes-erasmus-student-exchange-program. Come for the language, stay for the food (cibo) in Bologna!

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