Lago di Braies

I’m spending one night in the hotel overlooking this famous Italian lake before I start this 76 mile hut to hut hike. I thought I could get some brilliant blue sky with puffy white clouds over the water photographs. That was not to be. It showered and then rained. It was 46 degrees at 1 pm.

Here is a map of my location:

The hotel is at 5,000 ft elevation. The top of the pass is at 8,000 ft. I expect the temp on the pass to be in the 30s, with limited visibility since the pass is socked in with clouds. Rain is forcasted.

I’m not a mountaineer and fear and uncertainty are a good friend of mine. I think I will be ok though. No snow or lightening is expected.

I’ll be hiking in rain gear and gators and navigating in clouds with a cold wind. Hiking without landmarks in unfamiliar terrain is challenging. I wish I was 20 years younger but I must play the hand I’ve been dealt. I’ll be monitoring trail signage and my GPS tracker. I have a backup compass to help keep my orientation.

There is a refugio just beyond the pass with a bed, hot coffee, and a warm wood burning stove. Great food and a glass of wine with dinner also awaits.

Here are some pictures from around the lake and the actual trailhead.

What? Me worry?
Trail marker
Everyone was eating these!

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