Alta Via 1 Day 1

Since I will be on the trail I won’t be able to blog. I’ve been advised that only a couple of the refugios have wifi and it is very slow. I come off the trail on September 22.

The hike is about 76 miles with some pretty hefty climbs and descents. I’m going to live, walk, suffer, and eat day by day not thinking about the total distance. What matters is getting to the next hut and taking in some scenery and do a little photography.

You can still follow my progress by bookmarking the web site below. I carry a GPS satellite tracker that plots my location on a map. I am limited to 160 character messages so messages will be extremely short.

When you zoom in you will see red flags on the map. These are the refugios where I must be every night to survive.

Today I will climb 3,000 ft over 4 miles in bad weather. Yes, my age and physical limitations haunt me. I might fail at this. Many do. I’m feeling fear. But dear God, I feel alive!

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