Alta Badia/Pedraces

Alta Badia

Today I managed to navigate 2 trains (one of which was late causing a missed connection) and a bus ride. The ticketing system in this area is not managed by Trenitalia. It is through Sudtitol.

Bottom line is tickets must be purchased thru the train station ticket office or from a bus driver. No kiosks or online purchases were available that I could find. The tickets are the same for a regional train or bus and must be validated in the little blue machines in the train station or on the bus:

I am at Alta Badia:

I’m here to get a briefing from a trail guide, marked up trail maps, and to get acclimated to altitude hiking. From here the logistics company will transfer me to the trail head and I will start hiking Saturday morning.

The weather was great today but snow showers are in the forecast. At least there is no lightening forcasted.

Here are a few more pics:

Day hikers use the ski lifts to get to the trails then hike down back to their hotels.

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