So, Bologna is famous for…

Bologna is not just famous for le due torri (two towers of which one is leaning more than the Tower of Pisa and was built in the 12th century) but other things as well.

There are 25 towers still in Bologna where there were once over 100. Towers were about showing off wealth and some were about protection. Merchants sometimes had their businesses in the ground floor and lived in the upper floors of the towers.

Bologna is, of course, famous for its food, not the least of which is mortadella, tortellini, tagliatelle and the torta di riso (sweet rice cake). Yesterday we went on a Secret Food Tour of Bologna. Our guide was Isadora and she was both sweet and a good guide, notwithstanding the heat and humidity (but that’s another post).

Salami (cold cuts of meat) tray with a touch of Parmigiano Reggiano
The “salami” store.
Le sfoline. These women continue the craft of making fresh pasta for restaurants and individuals.

The torta di riso was a big winner for both of us. Like rice pudding but with more intricate flavors.

Bologna is a foodie’s delight.

Bologna has also historically been a left leaning city politically and considers itself progressive. We had an interesting conversation with one of our tour guides about the local culture of Bologna. Clearly Italians, especially the young Italians we have met, are concerned about their future (re: environment, government, and economics).

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