“Ped Med”

Before we left Sacto I set up a tour that was focused on how to get around Bologna, where to shop, things to do, and general. The tour was intended to provide us with a general overview of how to get along for 3 months in Bologna. We found our guide through “Get Your Guide.” I have had overall good success with this company. I have only experienced a problem one time when the guide did not show up (Milan in 2018); the company gave us a refund so all worked out.

Today’s tour was with Bernadette (ask for her in Bologna if you can) who also does food tours. She gave us great recommendations on restaurants frequented by locals at reasonable costs, the best fruit and veggie locations as well as meat and fish vendors to buy from (her boyfriends parents used to own a restaurant so she the “inside track” on quality).

After the second day in a row of “cobble walking” we needed to shed the walking shoes and get a little “ped med” at the end of day. Buona sera from Bologna.

3 thoughts on ““Ped Med”

  • RIP Biba here in sac- according to the news , she was from Bologna
    Sounds like a great time in just the short time you’ve been there – wonderful


  • RIP Biba—here in Sacramento -a long and illustrious life. According to the news, she was from Bologna!

    Sounds like you’re having a great time already in the short time you’ve been there. Excellent

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