Ortigia Mercato

Immerse Yourself In Colors, Flavors and Smells

Entering the mercato in Ortigia

Day Dreaming in Bologna

It’s 9:30 a.m. on a rather overcast Sunday in August in Bologna. It is going to be another hot and humid day. I’ve been thinking about going to the market in the historic center of the city today. That led me to day dreaming about the markets we visited in Sicilia. While the market in Palermo was truly an experience, by far the one I enjoyed the most was in Ortigia/Siracusa.

The market in Ortigia was colorful, vibrant, organized but at the same time a bit chaotic. The vendors truly took pride in their produce, fish, spices and other items as shown by how they displayed their goods.

So Much Fish, So Little Time!

Of course you would expect fish at the market in Ortigia as Siracusa is coastal city and a major fishing center.

The Spice of Life

Capers, Olives and Dried Tomatoes

Tomatoes…More Than You Can Count

Strawberries, Big and Small

Look at how the strawberries are arranged!

Pretty As A Picture

Green Is Today’s Color


I told Eric that I NEED to come back and spend at extended period of time in Ortigia so I can cook with the goods from the market. How wonderful that would be to do. I’m going to start working on that now to make it happen.